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FAQsWhere do I go to volunteer?
All shifts meet in Kitchin Residence Hall in the Campus Kitchen lounge unless otherwise specified by the shift leader. Please speak directly with your shift leader concerning dress code but be prepared by wearing your hair up, bringing a hat if you have one, and wearing modest clothing.

What do I wear?
We make and deliver safe meals for our clients who may have weak immune systems. All dress restrictions are for the safety of volunteers and clients. In addition to the safety guidelines below, our delivery sites request that volunteers dress modestly.  Volunteers who do not come dressed appropriately will not be able to volunteer.
Be safe, follow this guide:

  • Close-toed flat shoes
  • Long pants
  • No tank tops / sleeveless shirts
  • No jewelry or watches (studded earrings ok)
  • Long hair in a bun or short ponytail
  • hairnets are available but volunteers may wear hats instead

How do I record my hours for a judicial or service learning requirement?
If you are completing service hours for a class or judicial requirement, please arrive on-time and with the paperwork required by your instructor. Make sure that you sign in and that you obtain a volunteer log from your shift leader. Your shift leader must sign off on your hours in order to validate them. It is your responsibility to track your own hours and show up on-time and prepared for your shifts.   Volunteer shift times are an estimate and shifts may finish early.  You can only have credit for the hours you completed, not the estimated length of the shift.

Can I bring a friend?
Of course! Just please make sure that you register in advance on volunteer hub:

Do I need to have any type of training beforehand?
Currently you get training during your first shift. Once students become members of the leadership team, they are trained in how to lead the shifts.

Can I sign up for just one time? Can I sign up for a weekly shift?
Yes. And yes. Here’s the deal: Come out and see if you like the CK. If you want to come every week you can. But it’s not required. No obligation. You can tell us you’d like to attend a shift regularly, and we can add you to the schedule. Or you can sign up more sporadically.

I don’t know much about your program. What are the details?
If you like any of the following: cooking, helping people, not wasting food, hanging out with friends, or being part of a greater good, the Campus Kitchen is for you. We prepare meals and deliver them to the nearby community. Anyone can help. If you know how to cook you can teach others if you don’t then we’ll teach you! If you have a car, great! If not then just ride with us.

How do I get my group involved with the Campus Kitchen?
Please tell us before bringing your group out. We would love the help but we want to help maximize your impact. We can reserve a day for you so everyone has something to do and you can work as a team. Hailey Estes is this year’s Volunteer Coordinator, she can directly connect your group with volunteer opportunities with Campus Kitchen.  It is important to know in advance that it is difficult for us to accommodate large groups due to our space limitations but we will try our best and if we cannot accommodate you, we will work with you to connect with another partner in the community. You can view all of our openings on volunteer hub: