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Leadership Team

The Campus Kitchen is made possibly by strong leadership by students. The Leadership Team is led by an Executive Board of seasoned leaders who are responsible for the strategic direction of CKWFU and for assisting in the development of shift leaders. The two Student Coordinators oversee day to day operations of the kitchen from training shift leaders to managing food donations and procurement. Feel free to contact student shift leaders directly if you have an interest in their shifts or contact one of the Executive Board members if you aren’t sure how you want to get involved.

Executive Board

Student Coordinator: Madison Lecroy ()
Student Coordinator: Mattos Paschal ()
Outreach Coordinator: David Hale ()
Volunteer Coordinator: Oriana Wright ()
Procurement Coordinator: Leah Schenkel ()
PR/Social Media:Danielle Ambrogio ()

Current Leadership Team

Fresh Market:
Monday: John Iskander () & Erin Hellman ()
Tuesday: Hailey Estes () & Jade Williams ()
Wednesday: William Hayward () & Ben Marple ()
Thursday: Monica Hegde ()
Friday: Sarah Hayward ()


Sunday: Mariah Wright () & Margaret Raney ()
Monday: Brittany Forniotis () & Blair Bryce ()
Tuesday: Amy Pushman ()& Julie Chu ()
Wednesday: Giulia Mercuri () & Joanna Norton ()


Prodigals: Christine Briere () & Nikki Kus()
Azalea Terrace (Tuesday): Ruth Chen() & Caroline Perkins()
AIDS Care Services: David Song ()
SECU Family House: Kayleigh O’Brian ()& Trevor Brown()
Azalea Terrace (Thursday): Mary Lindsay Ryan () & Brooke Lucas()
The Children’s Home: Erin Hellman (), Moriah Gendy (), & Preston Metz ()