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Spring Break Trips

tumblr_mjmr0ctdFQ1s6f040o1_1280Over the last five years, our Spring Break WAB program has experienced steady and sustained growth and development. Thanks to increasing interest from students, we doubled the number of trips in 2010 from 5 to 10 trips which we consistently fill with 10-12 participants including 2 student leaders who coordinate logistics, transportation, and service reflection. All WFU Spring WAB trips are domestic and travel within driving distance.  Each Spring’s sites are announced in October and are a mix of recurring sites where we have ongoing partnerships and new locations chosen based on student interests or current events. 

In 2012 we began transitioning our trips from simply focusing on direct service and volunteerism to a more co-curricular focus.  In 2013 we completed this transition with each trip focused on a particular social justice issue.  This co-curricular focus means a deep focus on readings, reflections, and trip preparation in addition to the direct service of the WAB experience. A large part of this reflection component is our WAB blog where participants take turns writing and reflecting on their experiences. You can read selections from the various trips at as well as click on links to read more about last year’s trips.

Each trip costs $350 and that covers housing, transportation, service, and a partial food stipend for the week, March 9-16, of Spring Break.  There are scholarships available for students who are in need and many partner offices across campus have funding available for students in need. Students who participate in WAB can expect to serve, learn more about the communities in which they are guests and the issues they are addressing, make new friends who share their passion for service, and develop personally!  The full list of Spring 2014 WAB sites and leaders is below.  While the application deadline has passed, there are still a few opening on the trips listed below.  Please contact Shelley Sizemore if you are interested in filling one of the available spots.

Available WAB spots: 

selmaAffordable Housing (post disaster relief): New Orleans, LA.  Led by Erin Hellmann & Ryan Riccordella

Urban Community Development: Casa Central Chicago, IL.  Led by Matt Mancuso & Camry Wilborn

Environmental Conservation: The Everglades (National Park System) Florida City, FL.  Led by Oriana Wright & staff member Brad Shugoll

Food Security (co-sponsored by The Campus Kitchen @ WFU): Washington, DC.  Led by David Hale & Brittany Fornoitis

Special Needs Youth: Nashville, TN. led by Sarah Fine & Alexa Erb

Environmental Conservation: Knoxville, TN. led by Alyshah Aziz & Alex Palazzo

Literacy Staycation (co-sponsored by the Z. Smith Reynolds Library): Winston-Salem, NC. led by Nora Kane & Hannah Duane

Health Disparities: Baltimore, MD. Led by Rachel Tay, Amber Hubert, and staff member Dawn Allen

Sustainable Agriculture: New Orleans, LA.  Led by Kelsey Wessels & Nick Bennett

Shenandoah Valley: Virginia National Parks Service.  Led by Pam Denish & Alisha Giri